Double Degree Admissions

Welcome to the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University BBA/BMath and BBA/BCs Double Degree programs. These unique programs teach students about the business applications of mathematics and computer science while enabling them to simultaneously earn two degrees from two prestigious universities. The combination of the University of Waterloo (UW)'s Faculty of Mathematics and Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU)'s School of Business and Economics lets students harness the strengths of two top-tier institutions into one program.

About the Double Degree Club

The Double Degree Club (DDC) is a student-run organization which represents students at both universities. The DDC hosts social events, networking and mentorship opportunities, as well as academic resources to enrich students' university experience. The organization also works closely with administration at both universities to increase the presence of our students at both schools.

The DDC has a Facebook page where students can connect with current students in the program. The DDC also offers a Mentorship program, whereby incoming students will be connected to designated senior students to answer questions and help them make the transition into university.

This website, which is serviced by the DDC, is meant to serve as a liaison between prospective and current students, and is not affiliated with the official administration of either UW or WLU. To visit the official Faculty-administered website for the Double Degree programs, please go to the Math/BBA site or the CS/BBA site

About the Programs

The BBA/BMath DD Program began in 2001 and graduated its first students in 2006. Many graduates have gone on to exciting jobs as traders, consultants, pension plan investors, marketers, entrepreneurs and so on. Many Double Degree graduates have decided to pursue advanced degrees in Mathematical Finance, Management Science, Operations Research and Economics at top schools such as Stanford, Duke and the London School of Economics.

The BBA/BCs program is modeled after its highly successful BBA/BMath counterpart, and admitted its first class in 2010. Completing both business and computer science degrees provides a powerful combination of skills preparing graduates for numerous exciting careers.

Both programs provide students with co-op at their home university over their 5 years of education, in which Double Degree students have a strong competitive advantage. For information about the academic options available to students, see the DDC's Course Planning page.

Admissions Procedures

To maximize your chances of getting into the Double Degree programs, it is recommended that you apply through both the University of Waterloo (UW) and Wilfid Laurier University (WLU) separately. Both universities have their own admissions process, and if accepted in through both, you can choose which school is your "home school". Visit each of the universities' admissions pages (linked above) for information about their admissions requirements and procedures.

Admittance to the Double Degree Programs is generally restricted to high school students with a high school average in the high 80s to low 90s. These students are typically involved in extracurricular activities both in school and in the larger community. However, each of the universities has their own admittance procedure, and prospective students should inquire with the universities themselves.

Students can occasionally transfer to the Double Degree program after a year of university education, provided that they take certain specified courses and maintain an 80% average. See an academic advisor for details. Similarly, students should speak to an academic advisor in order to switch between Double Degree programs.

Visit Campus

It is highly recommended that students visit both the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University before arriving in September. Please visit the campus tour websites of the universities here:

For information on how to setup a private tour of either campus with a current DD student, please contact a Double Degree Academic Advisor