Checlist for DD Students

The following are things which incoming students should make to have in mind over the next few weeks before they start classes in September:


  • Do you know your student number at both universities?
    • UW student numbers have 8 digits
    • WLU student numbers have 9 digits
  • Do you know your Username at both universities?
    • e.g. at UW: j4smith
    • e.g. at WLU: smit7910


  • Are you able to log into Quest and LORIS?
  • Have you visited one or both of the university open houses?
  • Have you made contact with one or more Double Degree Mentors?
  • Have you purchased your Pink-Tie (Math Faculty Approved) calculator?
    • Hint: Buy these at the UW Mathematics Society (Mathsoc) office to get the best price. They will be on sale during Student Life 101
  • Are you academically prepared for university?

Shortly before you arrive at university

  • Have you loaded some money into your student cards? (optional)
  • Do you have a cell phone number with area code 519 or 226? (Waterloo Region)
  • Have you purchased school supplies?
    • Pencils/pens and notebooks/loose-leaf paper
    • A laptop with built-in wifi (or desktop computer)
    • A printer (optional but very helpful)
    • Discover which textbooks you need
  • Do you have a copy of your Orientation Schedule?
  • Do you have a copy of your Class Schedule?
  • Have you seen the Important Dates at UW and WLU to see which ones concern you?
  • Have you seen the move-in checklists at UW and WLU?

When you arrive in September

  • Have you obtained your student card for both UW and WLU?
    • Get the student card for your home university as soon as possible
    • Get the student card for your other university during the first week of class
  • Have you purchased textbooks?
  • Are you able to access your university email accounts at both UW and WLU?
  • Have you setup email forwarding and redirecting?