One of your largest expenditures in university will be textbooks. However, if you plan wisely, it is possible to save a great deal of money and avoid frivolous purchases.

Note that the information provided in this page constitutes the opinions of a few students. The DDC encourages you to consider your own needs before following the advice on this page, which comes without any guarantee from the DDC or any of its affiliate organizations.


  • UW Bookstore
  • WLU Bookstore
  • UW Used Bookstore
    • The Used Bookstore charges sales tax for purchasers and a 15% commission for sellers
    • Even though this is a UW bookstore, you can occasionally find WLU textbooks here

Notes about Textbooks

  • "Mandatory" textbooks are occasionally not actually required.Conduct your research before buying, as you may end up buying a book that you never end up reading. For this reason, it may be best to wait until you actually need a textbook before purchasing it - why rush in and buy it early?
  • Many textbooks can be shared with a roommate or a friend. These are books that you will use less often.
  • Sales tax can greatly inflate the cost of a textbook. You can usually avoid this by purchasing used books, although the UW Used Bookstore will still charge tax on used books.
  • Be careful of different editions of textbooks. Even though a "required" textbook may be the 9th edition (for example), this text may be nearly identical to the 8th edition, which may be substantially cheaper. The Professor may outline differences in editions, and any minor differences between the 8th and 9th edition can be obtained from a friend who has the 9th.
  • Some WLU books may come with a "Course Package" or "Lab Manual" - something which the Professor wrote. The course package may be bundled with the textbook at a discount, but might be rather expensive if bought separately. Note that just because the Professor wrote them, this does not necessarily mean that they are helpful.
  • Some UW courses come with "Course Notes" - something which the Professor wrote. These are generally extremely cheap (costing only the photocopying rate), so it is generally recommended that you get these. These are not available in the bookstore, but at UW Graphics.
  • Some textbooks may be helpful for more than one course: i.e. Math137 and 138 share a textbook, and so do BU111 and 121

DDC Textbook Library

The DDC maintains a small library of previously-used course textbooks. Registered members can view our collection here.

Current members may borrow any of our textbooks for a short time by visiting the DDC office (M3 1001) during scheduled office hours.