Course Planning

The DDC offers a variety of tools to help Double Degree students plan their academic careers. This page consists of various links to external websites for students' convenience.


Program Websites

While the DDC offers many Course Planning tools, it does not serves a substitute for the actual program websites, which are linked to below.

Important Dates

It is important to know what the enrolment and pre-enrolment dates are at UW and WLU so that appropriate deadlines can be met. Reminders will be sent out by email close to deadlines, but students are fundamentally responsible for being aware of deadlines.

Academic Calendars

Academic Calendars display a list of courses offered by each university and discuss degree / progression requirements.

Class Schedules

A Class Schedule displays when and where a course is offered at each university. This can be used to help prevent course conflicts, or simply to discover where a class is being held and who the professor is.