Distance Education

Distance Education (DE) is a way for students to earn academic credits during co-op terms by taking courses online, either through UW, WLU, or through a Third-party university. The procedure for enrolling in online courses at the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University is rather straightforward, as DD students are already registered at these universities. Therefore, this page will focus on enrolment at a third-party university (the "host" university).

Host Universities

Students frequently pursue DE courses at one of the following host universities:

Although other universities also offer many courses that students may be interested in taking. For a full list of DE courses at universities, consult the Canadian Virtual University (CVU).

Popular DE Courses

DD students have frequently taken the following courses online:

In addition to these, many other courses at third-party universities can provide a credit towards a Minor (for example, Economics, for which any senior Econ course is required). Examples are:

However, recall the condition for the WLU Econ Minor that students must take at least 4 of the 6 required Economics courses for the minor at UW or WLU.

Approval Process and Enrolment

In order for a third-party university's transfer credit to be approved by UW and WLU, permission must be granted by an Academic Advisor, and the appropriate documentation (see the Letter of Permission forms below) must be received by the student's home university's Registrar's Office before enrolment at the host university. Note that the Letters of Permission are different for UW- and WLU-based students.

Each host university has its own enrolment process, so students should inquire with them separately. The host university will require a copy of the Letter of Permission, which the student's home university will usually send.

Note that UW will not give a grade for courses at third-party universities: rather, Quest will assign a grade of "T" (transfer) which is not included in GPA Calculations. On the other hand, WLU will directly transfer the grade assigned by the host university. The student should make sure that the host university sends its transcript to UW and WLU appropriately.