DD Students can pursue a minor from either university, although in practice, it is easier to obtain a minor through WLU.

Economics Minor

An Economics Minor is sought by about half of DD students. The requirements are reasonably straight-forward: aside from the 3 ECON courses required by all DD students, only 3 more are required for the minor. Note that these 3 Minor courses must be senior-level Economics courses - i.e. they must have a prerequisite. Most students choose to pursue an Econ minor by primarily taking courses online during co-op terms - see the Distance Education section for more information. Econ courses taken at a university that is not WLU should be approved by Ken Jackson, WLU Economics Program Director.

Note the WLU Academic Calendar specifies that for an Economics Minor, students must take at least 4 of the 6 required Economics courses for the minor at WLU. For DD students, this condition is extended to: "students must take at least 4 of the 6 required Economics courses for the minor at UW or WLU".

Computer Science Minor

A Computer Science (CS) Minor through UW is also pursued by some BBA/BMath DD students, although this is less common than Economics. Students pursuing a CS minor can use many of these courses to satisfy Double Degree electives or Math requirements.

Other Minors

For information on other Minors, students should consult the Academic Calendar of the university at with they wish to pursue their minor.