Who We Are

GradeUp is a private peer tutoring service for University Students. Whether you want to book a last-minute session before a midterm or you need weekly appointments to stay on top of a class, GradeUp's got you covered.

Our Promise

We believe that all students are entitled to success. GradeUp's 1-on-1 peer tutoring services help those who require a little extra push to maximize their potential and achieve their desired grades. We don't just want to improve your grades: we want to improve the way that you learn!

The Finest Tutors

Our tutors are primarily upper-year students who have achieved at least an A in the courses they teach. In addition, a lot of them have specific experience in the field they are tutoring.

How To Book

For more information, or to book a session, go to gradeup.ca

We are 100% student-owned and operated.