Accounting Designations

A few DD students pursue a career in Accounting. This page provides information about the CA Progression and links to information about a CMA.

Chartered Accountancy (CA)

DD students pursuing their Chartered Accounting designation need to write the Uniform Final Exam (UFE), administered by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA). WLU accounting grads hold one of the highest UFE passing rates and consistently has the most number of students on the Honour Roll. In 2009, the UFE Gold Medalist was a Double Degree alumnus.


WLU is one of the six Ontario universities that have Institute-Accredited Programs/Streams, which is a partnership between the university and the ICAO (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario). Laurier has all the courses required to complete your CA, and below is the list of the courses students must complete in order to qualify to write the UFE (in addition to Double Degree program requirements):

  • BU 387, 397 (Intermediate Accounting)
  • BU 457, 487 (Advanced Accounting)
  • BU 467 (Cost and Management Accounting)
  • BU 417, 497 (Advanced Accounting Elective)
  • BU 357, 466 (Taxation)

Students must achieve a B- average (70%) in these courses to qualify. Note that regular BBA students must also take BU 486, but the Double Degree program requirement of CS 330 replaces this requirement.

Note that DD students may not substitute BU 387 and 397 courses for the online courses at Athabasca University, as these courses are not ICAO accreditted.

Any double degree student planning to pursue a professional designation (CA, CMA, CFA, CGA) must take BU387 in 3A and BU397 during 3B. The Laurier 6-week offering of these courses are intended for Diploma students and not BBA students.

Work Experience

Meeting the experience requirements for Chartered Accountancy required working in certain positions at certain companies which are approved by the CICA:

UW-based DDs who would like to apply to CA jobs through the Jobmine Co-op service should contact Keith Freeland, Director of the Double Degree program. For more information, contact the Laurier Accounting Association (LAA).

The Uniform Final Examination (UFE)

The three-day UFE consists of three papers and is set by the profession's Board of Evaluators. Students have one day to write each individual paper. These papers challenge students to demonstrate their competence by responding to simulations and business scenarios representing the kinds of challenges they have faced during their work experience, or will soon be facing in their professional career.

Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

A CMA Designation is far less likely than the CA for DD students to pursue. For this reason, please visit the following links for information on this designation.

For more information, contact the Laurier Accounting Association (LAA).