Finance Designations for DD Students

The majority of Double Degree students pursue a career in Finance. This page displays some of the more common designations that DD students pursue.

Canadian Securities Course (CSC)

Students interested in Finance may consider writing the Canadian Securities Course (CSC) to give them an edge in the competitive co-op process. The CSC is administered by the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI). Students writing the CSC should consider doing so during their first summer (right after taking BU 121). The exam comes in two different parts (Levels 1 and 2), each of which can be completed with only a few weeks studying. See the DDC Academic Library for resources to help students prepare for their CSC.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Many Double Degree students pursue their a CFA designation. The CFA is internationally recognized and is considered extremely valuable for anyone who wishes to work in Finance. The CFA designation comes in three different parts (Levels 1, 2 and 3), and the CFA Institute, which administers the exam, requires that students write Level 1 when they have at most one year left before graduation (i.e. when they are in 5th year). Students interested in pursuing their CFA should consider taking the following courses to help them prepare for the Level 1 exam:

  • BU 387, 397, 473 (Intermediate Accounting and Investment Management)
  • STAT 334 or (STAT 330 and 333) (Probability and Statistics)
  • ACTSC 445 (Asset-Liability Management
  • ACTSC 446 OR BU 423 (Mathematical Models in Finance OR Options, Futures and Swaps)

    note that students can not do both of these courses

Any double degree student planning to pursue a professional designation (CA, CMA, CFA, CGA) must take BU387 in 3A and BU397 during 3B. The Laurier 6-week offering of these courses are intended for Diploma students and not BBA students.

Mathematical Finance

Students interested in Mathematical Finance can take the following courses to better their background in the subject:

  • STAT 330, 333, 340
  • ACTSC 445, 446
  • AMATH 250
  • PMATH 331 (or, preferable, PMATH 351)