University Email Accounts

DD students receive an email account at both UW and WLU, and its important to monitor both of these accounts. However, if you plan properly, you can fully utilize your university accounts using only your personal email account.


Email Redirecting

Email Redirecting is a way to use your personal email account to send mail through another account (in this case, a university email address). All major webmail services provide this option.

Instructions for sending university emails with:

UW Email Forwarding

Students can access their UW email accounts here.

  1. Change your Mail Server: mail.student.math for BBA/BMath Students and mail.student.cs for BBA/BCS Students
  2. Enter your username and password (should be the same information as Quest) and click Login

  3. On the left side, click Deliver/Divert/Forward
  4. Type your personal email address under Forward Mail to
  5. Click Save these Settings at the top of the window